A Long Time Since It Rained

Cary C Banks

West Texas flavored Americana music filled with faith, wit,character and love.

1 Dancin’ To The Rhythm Of Love Written with my good buddy Jerry Brownlow 2. Last Night I Wrote A Song For all those who labor in the vineyard of words and music. 3. A Long Time Since It Rained Written during a classic protracted West Texas dry spell . 4.Don’t Wanna Die Of Nothin’ My friend Pastor Ted Dotts related this story of a wayward parishioner with an interesting philosophy of life. 5. Electric Guitar God Bless Les Paul and Leo Fender 6.Let The Rain Come Down For Carol 7. Everyday Hero Lyrics by my friend, Clay McIntosh
8. House Of Mercy “Where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am” Matthew 18:20 9. I Hit Bottom ( And Fell On Through) For Leilani- Sometimes the harder you try, the worser it gets. 10. Little One – For Jaxon – “For such is the kingdom of Heaven” 11. Ain’t Nobody Lonely Sittin’ all alone in the Veldarose Hotel in Hot Springs Arkansas on a cold winter night, staring out at the empty streets, feeling like the loneliest person in the world. 12. Lay It Down This song won First Place in a Los Angeles Songwriter Showcase 13 Owed” To Lloyd Lloyd Maines showed me the main lick of this tune; Just one of the many wonderful gifts he has given me over the years. 14. Old Guy Rock Rockin’ till the day I die Produced by Cary C Banks & Scott Faris for carycbanksmusic©2009 Recorded, engineered and mixed by Scott Faris at Amusement Park Studios, Lubbock Texas All songs written or co-written and arranged by Cary C Banks Mastered by Dolf Guardiola CD Design by Clay Mcintosh Inside cover photo – Corinna Ripple For more information on music by Cary C Banks,visit carycbanksmusic.com 1622 56th Lubbock Tx 79412

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